Bryan and Michael’s Chic Wedding in Salt Lake City

THE FALLS EVENT CENTER SALT LAKE CITY — Bryan and Michael celebrated their wedding at our venue in Salt Lake City, Utah. While this couple was living in the Netherlands, they enlisted the help of Diverse Diva Weddings to plan their wedding. With minimal, chic decor, this wedding was a masterpiece from start to finish. They even incorporated decor inspired by the Netherlands with gorgeous tulips and tiny wooden clogs!

The grooms wanted the wedding to feel intimate, like the guests were at their house. They had cocktails, warm lighting, pianos, and singing to create an inviting atmosphere for their friends and family.

It’s easy to see the love these two grooms share with one another — just look at the way they look at each other! Scroll through these photos to see more of a wedding that truly makes our hearts swell.

Venue: The Falls Event Center Salt Lake City | Wedding Planning: Diverse Diva | Photography: Brandon Cruz Photography | Entertainment: Tavernacle Social Club | Officiant: Universal Heart Ministry | Floral: Le Fluer Design | Cake: Sweet Cake Bake Shop and Jennifer Hill | Bartender: Peirpont Place | Catering: Skewered Thai



This wedding was held at the Falls

Salt Lake City, UT

Located at the historic Trolley Square in Downtown Salt Lake City, this venue offers the perfect space for elegant or industrial weddings!