Building Dreams

Our heart beats for more than just building beautiful wedding venues, it’s about building dreams. We are creating space for you to dream, inspire, and celebrate one of life’s biggest moments, your wedding day! We know that when it comes to your wedding, you want the flexibility to choose every special detail! Our open vendor policy allows you to bring in the vendors of your choice, and our team will work seamlessly to make your day perfect.

Featuring large mirrors and flooded with natural light, our elegant Bridal Suite is the perfect place for to get ready! Meanwhile, others can prepare in the Game Room and play pool to ease some pre-ceremony jitters.

Let your dream wedding come to life at The Falls!

Steve Down

The Falls Event Center is owned by Steve Down. Founded on the idea of providing a place for people to connect, celebrate, and relax, the centers offer benefits that other venues simply don’t. The setup of each room allows users to customize their experience and use the space to perfectly match the occasion. Local businesses often use the space for company events, and other groups come for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Regardless of who uses the centers, Steve Down is pleased to facilitate healthy and essential human interaction and camaraderie by offering a flexible venue to serve various needs. With locations in Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and California, The Falls Event Center is a continually expanding operation.

Steve Down is driven by a higher vision. In every business venture he undertakes and company he founds, he strives to do more than simply make money. He aims to be a force for good in the world. Capitalism with a cause is his mission, and it means that he is constantly focused on giving back. This focus has earned Steve Down wild success, but it didn’t come overnight. In fact, at one point, he was in dire straits financially, with over one million dollars of debt. Having overcome his financial difficulties to found several flourishing companies, Steve focuses on helping others live better and achieve their goals and he does so by giving back in so many different ways.

In addition to The Falls Event Center, the Steve Down Companies include Even Stevens Sandwiches, Financially Fit, Blue Hat Construction, Wings & Waves Waterpark, and Steve’s Hotel. Each company brings Steve Down fulfillment as he is able to contribute to making the world a little brighter.

Lots of the Steve Down businesses are founded on the 1:1 giving model —buy one, give one. When you purchase a sandwich from Even Stevens, for example, Steve Down set things up so that a donation equal to the value of your sandwich is given to a local nonprofit organization that feeds the hungry. Steve’s Hotel in Oregon, a new operation, will provide one night in the community’s homeless shelter for each room reservation made.